We believe interests of clients are almost always better served by settling their disputes. Accordingly, ARBME Dispute Resolution was founded to help clients to negotiate more effectively and/or to provide clients with appropriate mechanisms to solve their disputes. 

ARBME Dispute Resolution is an independent dispute resolution services provider. Its mission is to provide business community with effective and efficient dispute resolution mechanisms and help them to solve their disputes without recourse to lengthy litigation proceedings. ARBME Dispute Resolution provides mediation, arbitration, dispute system design, early neutral evaluation, corporate conflict coaching and corporate dispute resolution facilitation services.

Our Team:

Ruslan Mirzayev

Principal, Mediator, Arbitrator

ARBME Dispute Resolution is managed by Ruslan Mirzayev, a renowned and recognized expert in the field of alternative dispute resolution. He is an international mediator and an international arbitration attorney qualified in the State of New York and Azerbaijan with extensive experience in international dispute resolution. Ruslan Mirzayev has more than 10 year practical law experience in Azerbaijan and abroad. He has  been teaching ADR courses at universities since 2008 and training mediators. 

With proven knowledge of theory and practice of ADR internationally and in the region, Ruslan Mirzayev has acted as an ADR and mediation expert under international projects financed by the European Union and the World Bank, and before the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan. 

Ruslan's experience in ADR also includes mediating disputes, including as an international mediator appointed by an international organization to mediate large public disputes and representing parties in international arbitration cases as a member of international arbitration teams. 

Ruslan Mirzayev is the Scientific Expert on Mediation at a CEPEJ Working Group and a Senior Fellow of Weinstein International Foundation. His articles on arbitration and ADR have been published by numerous local and international law journals, including in Kluwer Journal of International Arbitration. 

Ruslan Mirzayev holds Bachelor Degree in Law from Baku State University, LL.M. Degree in International Commercial Arbitration from Stockholm University and LL.M. in International and Comparative Law from the George Washington University.

Ruslan Mirzayev is fluent in Azerbaijani, English, Russian and Turkish. 

Alida Mahmudova 
Mediator, Arbitrator

One of the pioneers in alternative dispute resolution in Azerbaijan, Alida Mahmudova is an experienced mediator and arbitrator. Ms. Mahmudova is a member of several international mediation and arbitration organizations, including Young International Arbitration Group(YIAG) of (LCIA) London Court of International Arbitration, UK, Arbitrator of the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Arbitrator and Mediator of the Court of Arbitration at the Nowy Tomyśl Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Poland and International Mediator of the Athens’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mediation Centre, Greece. 

With 14 years experience in ADR and 20 years experience overall Alida Mahmudova has acted under several projects mainly focused on increasing awareness about ADR and improving legal system organized by World Bank Group, IFC, EU delegation, etc. 

Alida Mahmudova hold Bachelor and LL.M. Degree in International Law from baku State University and Ph.D. Degree in Law from Belarusian State University.  

Alida Mahmudova is fluent in Azerbaijani, English and Russian.

Gasim Shaliyev

Gasim Shaliyev is a mediator based in Azerbaijan. He has more than 15 years practical experience in business law, family law, corporate transactions, bankruptcy,  regulatory compliance, tax, construction, licensing, mortgage lending and other industries and law fields. 

Gasim Shaliyev passed mediation training held by ADR Centre, one of the largest international mediation organizations based in Europe. 
Gasim Shaliyev holds Bachelor Degree in Law from Ankara University (Turkey).

Gasim Shaliyev is fluent in Azerbaijani and Turkish, and has good working knowledge of English.

Contact: info@arbme.org

Free Mediation Weeks
10 Aug 2022
ARBME announces free mediation weeks until December 29, 2017.
Alternative Dispute Resolution Workshop for Judge Candidates in Baku, Azerbaijan
10 Aug 2022
Alternative Dispute Resolution Workshop sponsored by the US Embassy in Azerbaijan and the US Department of Commerce was held at the Judicial Academy under the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan on October 30-31, 2017